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Steady Eddie

Kids Club Number 001Fun, fearless and practical

  • Work:
    Head Dude, Steady Eddie Enterprises (SEE) World Inc
  • Interests:
    Transport, environment, community – and gadgets!
  • Saying:
    "Anything is possible! All for fun - and fun for all!"


Kids Club No:
003High energy, enthusiastic, always moving and raring to go.

  • Work:
    Lead Lorry for SEE World
  • Interests:
    F1 ! Would love to be a racing car!
  • Saying:
    "I can do faster!"


Kids Club No: 004A bit of a tomboy. Thoughtful, considerate and clever too!

  • Work:
    Lead Lorry for SEE World
  • Interests:
    Science, geography and hanging out with the girls
  • Saying:
    "Stand Back! Here comes the Girl!"

Tycoon Terry

Work: Managing Director, Horrid Haulage, Greenville’s Public Enemy No 1!
Lives:  With the Chairman of Horrid Haulage, his Mum
Personality: Pretends to be posh, polite and charming, but really greedy, and devious
Interests: Pollution, crime, flashy old-fashioned clothes
Ambition:  To take over Eddie’s empire and marry Tina Towers
Hero:  His mum - who he calls whenever his latest plan has gone horribly wrong!
Fave Team: Deadly Dynamos FC Fave Pop Star: The Strolling Bones
Best Friend: Belcher, his lead lorry
Saying: "The right way is for suckers!"
Kids Club No: Rejected for membership


Work: Terry’s No1 Lorry and Security Enforcer at Horrid Haulage
Lives: Leaky shed in the Horrid Haulage Yard
Personality: Nasty, aggressive - abully. Always supports Tycoon Terry in his plans to do the wrong thing
Interests: Rubbish dumping, complaining- and teasing Smoky (Terry’s number two lorry)
Ambition: To guzzle more fuel and make maximum pollution, like the ‘old days’ when a truck like himwas king of the road
Hero: Tycoon Terry
Fave Pop Star: Metallica
Best Friend: Doesn’t understand why people have friends
Saying: “If you can’t take the smoke get off the road!”
Kids Club No: Rejected for membership on environmental grounds


Kids Club No: 005Grounded, tough – but kind

  • Work:
    Top Freight Train for SEE World
  • Interests:
    Train history, clocks, his military moustache
  • Saying:
    "Time waits for no one. Punctuality! Punctuality! Punctuality! "

Tina Towers

Kids Club No: 002Great communicator, persuasive and brave

  • Work:
    Deputy Dudette & Communications Chief, (SEE) World Inc
  • Interests:
    Singing, organizing – and gadgets!
  • Saying:
    "Whatever you were just thinking about - I have just done!"
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